Do you feel that there is more to life than material society has to offer?

This site is dedicated to helping everyone find love in God. This journey follows the paths of the prophets of old and looks to the supernatural within the world today. A world of God's Love, angels, demons, and the human spirit.

There is life after death. Those who deny God, deny Him out of selfishness and hatred of natural order. To deny God, to be atheist, is to say that you are sure that there is no God. This defies reason and our purpose.

You might ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you believe that we know around 90% of all the universe's working and knowledge - what is written in books, what has been experienced, what is within other galaxies, in the minds of mankind and animals, and beyond our dimensions?
  • Do you think that the most intelligent humans know around 50% of all that is to be known?
  • Do humans know less than 5% of what might exist in the minds of mankind, our books, the Internet, the Earth, and the universe?

 If you believe that humans have knowledge of less than a small portion of all that can be known, do you believe that God could (might) exist in the portion that is unknown?

If you believe that there is a chance that God could exist in the unknown portion, would you personally want that God to love you? Would you like to believe in a God that created you because He wanted to show His love for you and give you a life and purpose? He did not create you simply because He could, but because He wanted to know you personally, He wanted to hear from you and share your life with you, and He wants you to know Peace and Love that transcends all your physical and emotional existence. He wants you to live with Him forever in paradise.

If you believe that God might exist in that portion, you are not atheist, you are at most agnostic (unknowing). If you would rather believe in a God that loves you than a god that hates you, then you are ready to begin a journey in which His Love will shape your every thought and action.

Please join us in showing love, joy, and peace to ourselves and those we encounter, as God gives us our purpose and abilities.



Our goal is to help every living person to know the Power and Love of God, and salvation in Yeshua. True faith and knowledge of God can only come through Love and Compassion, through Life, and the Word.  We accept all people, hesitant to accept a pedantic Biblican, but lovingly ready to love everyone to salvation.


If you need prayer, no matter what religion or ideological belief that you may have, we are here to pray for you.  We will pray for salvation, healing, finances, relationships, employment, or anything that you need.  We do not ask for any money or gifts for any service.  We do not need to know your real name, email address, or phone number.
If you would like to post a prayer request (anonymous is welcome), please use our system (adapted from osTicket) to make a request.  One of our prayer team will begin praying for you as soon as they get the request. They will communicate to you through your email and the system.
Anonymous email services such as HUSHMAIL.COM and YOPMAIL.COM are glady accepted.  Feel free to sign-up at or to create a fake name for anonymous prayer requests.


We want to see the power of God work in your life.  We do not need your real name or contact information.  We will not market any products to you. If you feel that you are called to become a prayer warrior, a person who selflessly dedicates their heart to pray for the needs of others, please contact us at  We accept all religions, with the understanding that we personally exist because of the Love that Christ Yeshua (Jesus) has demonstrated in our own lives.



Contact us at anytime for prayer, for questions, or to become a prayer team member. Please feel free to use a pseudonym and an anonymous email address (Examples: yopmail or hushmail). NOTE: ONLY CLICK POST ONCE (it doesn't redirect anywhere, it just sends an email)

About Us

We have an ancient belief in God and His Son, Yeshua. That His Son is a real human only because God chose to save us through a physical manifestation of Himself (His Word). The Word of God, the utterance of Life and Love, become flesh in Yeshua. He is called God's Son because He is one with the Father. He and the Father are One. He is God, as God is God, as God's Word is the being of God.